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Paul Marino
VP and GM Business Line Connectivity, Philips

“Brendan joined my organization through the acquisition of WLAN start-up Systemonic. In his capacity as Marketing Communication Manager, he was tasked with increasing industry visibility and product demand for our wired and wireless connectivity solutions. He was very effective at this, as well as managing all Marketing Communications Managers for USB, 1394, WUSB, Bluetooth and WLAN products. His strategic marketing plans helped win design wins from Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Motorola. Brendan transitioned easily from start-up to large corporate environment. He does an excellent job of motivating employees to excel against the competition. Brendan has an upbeat and positive personality, is a team player, and is easy to get along with.”
Dexin Liang
Business Development Manager, Philips

“Brendan was instrumental in ensuring the success of our China strategy. His previous Asia Pacific sales experience, strong understanding of the Chinese culture and fluency in Mandarin Chinese made it easy for us to grow our market share and customer base in China. He was very diligent about ensuring we had quality product information in Chinese on our website, in print collateral and at China based tradeshows and customer roadshows. At tradeshows he spoke about our products and strategy in fluent Chinese to customers, distributors, media and analysts, which helped us gain much attention as he is not Chinese, but a Caucasian. I recommend him to anyone looking to increase their market share in existing or emerging markets.”


Keith Luke
Marketing Manager, Philips

“Brendan was the key person for all the marketing, advertising and public relations and made sure everyone (globally) had the latest information on our products. Brendan's marketing skills had a major impact on customers such as Sony Ericsson and Motorola calling the sales team before sales even had a chance to initiate contact. He made it very easy for the disti and sales forces to succeed by ensuring they were well briefed and prepared for customer calls. Brendan is very good at identifying and exploiting competitor weaknesses to the media, analysts and customers. Brendan being fluent in Mandarin Chinese and well traveled throughout most of Asia, made him a welcome asset when meeting with international customers. Brendan is also very skilled at building strong relationships with both internal and external customers.”
Mike Wong
WLAN Applications Engineering Manager, Philips

“I've worked with Brendan for over four years now, launching a number of new connectivity products. Brendan prepared strategic product launch plans with targeted participation on the trade show circuit and strategically timed press releases and white papers. His thoroughness and attention to detail manifested itself in booth displays, demos and press documentation that were top notch. Brendan also communicated very effectively with customers and members of the media at these events, explaining why our products were superior to the competition. These same traits are visible in the internal business line website he maintains. Brendan is well equipped to take on an even more influential role in the marketing and launching of new and exciting products.”


Theresa Hawthorne
USB/WUSB Product Marketing Manager, Philips

“In the 4 years I've worked with Brendan, I've found him to be a hugely energetic, highly focused marketing and sales executive who has a knack for increasing product visibility and demand. Even though Brendan manages the marketing for three other product lines, I’ve always been impressed with his drive, tenacity and professionalism at helping us succeed in the USB/WUSB market. Brendan’s enthusiasm and drive are contagious, making him highly effective at building strong internal and external relationships. He has always been careful to foster the growth of people on his team, building their experience and guiding them to become better marketing professionals. In addition, his online marketing skills made sure our web pages we’re always at the top of the search engines – a huge credibility builder. Not only is he an excellent marketing executive, but a great conversationalist who I recommend taking to lunch.”
Iraj Zarrinnaal
WLAN Product Marketing Manager, Philips

“I have worked with Brendan in the past 6 years at Systemonic, Philips, and now NXP Semiconductors. Brendan has always impressed me with his passionate and focused drive to create and expand the visibility of my product line in its targetted market segment. He consistently taps into his previous experiences in sales, international business, and web development, beyond his traditional marketing tasks, which enables him to have a direct impact on increasing the revenue potential of our products. Brendan takes this role in creating business seriously, works well with others in planning a detailed approach, and consistently shows the drive to execute it in the most efficient way. I consider him a great asset to any well-run marketing organization.”


Julie Tipton
GM WLAN, Philips

“Brendan is a team player who checks his ego at the door, which helped him succeed at working with engineering, product development and sales. All in all, I found him to be entrepreneurial, disciplined, creative, knowledgeable and persistent. His positive attitude and high energy make him a great addition to any organization focused on high growth.”
Derrick Meyer
Senior Manager, North America Marketing, Philips

“Brendan is a strong strategic thinker. He executed on all the deliverables we worked on together. He was invaluable in driving others within his group to a common goal. I would definitely hire Brendan if the opportunity came up.”


Mike Rampelberg
Marketing Director, Infineon

“Brendan defined, built and implemented an e-business suite to support public, inter and intra company communication that proved to be the required sinews that enabled Infineon’s Network & Computer Storage group to grow from $15M to $315M within 18 months. Some of the most effective tools in the suite were the public website, customer extranets, engineering portals, secure email communication and online meetings. The efficiency of the suite resulted from Brendan’s marketing savvy, broad technical expertise and his ability to work closely with all the users of the suite; management, engineers, salesmen, customers, etc.”
Jim Bland
VP Sales & Marketing, Infineon

“Brendan was brought on to lead our web marketing efforts and quickly expanded his role to include customer marketing and e-business software integration. His introduction of an engineering management portal shaved months off our product development time line, enabling us to capture design wins from the two largest HDD manufacturers. Without his customer-centric efforts, we would not have generated $350 million in eighteen months.”


Bill Cooke
Director of Sales & Marketing, Systemonic

“Brendan’s marketing leadership brought us the industry visibility and product demand that enabled us to sell the company to Philips in 20 months. It was truly a pleasure to have him on our team and I can say without a doubt that our level of success would not have been achievable without his leadership. His sanguine attitude kept us elevated during the down times and flying high during the good times. His attitude, innovative mindframe, proactive and supportive style proved to me that he will go far in his career and that it will be easy for him to get others to follow him.”
Jennifer Schoop
Marketing Communications Manager, Philips

“As a key player in the leadership of his business line, I’ve seen Brendan make considerable contributions to the overall strategic direction of the business line by implementing well thought out marketing strategies and plans. His marketing prowess enabled his business line to grow into a recognized leader in the wired and wireless semiconductor field, with an incredibly strong presence in WLAN, Bluetooth, USB and WUSB. Brendan is an outstanding leader who has done an excellent job of managing the team of marketing communications managers within his business line. He’s a pleasure to work with and someone you can count on to get the job done.”
Sheryl Bielenberg
Director of Sales, NSS Labs

“Brendan is a successful web entrepreneur and marketing executive who I met at UCSC Extensions while we were both getting our eBusiness Management Certificate. Not only did he direct all the marketing and branding for the last start-up he worked for, but got the company purchased for $35 million. Since then, he has helped his current employer (Philips) generate close to a billion dollars in new sales by managing a four person marketing team that positioned his Business Line as an industry leader in wired and wireless connectivity. Brendan is not only an adept marketing professional, but also a good friend of mine. I definitely recommend him for any senior marketing position where his passion for building web businesses can be best put to use.”





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